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Every year, millions of Americans experience traumatic injuries due to automobile accidents, fires, chemical exposure, and assault. Without careful treatment, these injuries may become infected or gangrenous, resulting in further complications. At Wound Care Associates in Delray Beach, Florida, Eugenio Rodriguez, MD, and the team have years of experience providing care for traumatic injuries. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Traumatic Injuries Q&A

What are traumatic injuries?

Traumatic injuries are physical wounds that occur suddenly and require immediate medical attention. They’re usually severe in nature and result in blood loss, shock, or the need for limb-saving measures.

At Wound Care Associates, Dr. Rodriguez specializes in the treatment of traumatic injuries. He uses advanced techniques and his years of medical expertise to lower the risk of complications and speed up the healing process.

What are some common causes of traumatic injuries?

Traumatic injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. At Wound Care Associates, Dr. Rodriguez regularly sees patients who have sustained:

  • Incisions
  • Abrasions
  • Trauma due to force
  • Stab or bullet wounds
  • Animal bites

Dr. Rodriguez also treats traumatic injuries caused by burns, including chemical, electrical, and exposure to flame or heat.

How do I know what treatment option is best for my traumatic injury?

To determine the best treatment option for your traumatic injury, Dr. Rodriguez conducts a physical exam and asks you about the circumstances leading up to your injury. He carefully observes the site of your wound and sees what was done in the emergency room.

After gathering this information, Dr. Rodriguez develops a custom care plan to treat the issue, whether it’s a wound, deep laceration, burn, or something else.

How are traumatic injuries treated?

Treatment of traumatic injuries depends on the type and severity of your wound.


If you have a cut or laceration, Dr. Rodriguez carefully cleans it, removes any debris, and applies an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. If it's a large laceration, you might require stitches or sutures.

Non-healing wounds post-surgery

Certain operations, such as Mohs surgery, leave behind an open wound. Usually, these surgical incisions heal on their own, but infection and other complications are possible. As a wound care expert, Dr. Rodriguez can work with you to minimize these and other issues, speeding up the recovery process.


Burns, surgical incisions, and slow healing wounds can result in scarred skin. Dr. Rodriguez offers several advanced treatments to minimize scarring, including skin biologics and regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy.


If you have a severe burn, Dr. Rodriguez might recommend wrapping the damaged tissue in dry gauze and undergoing skin biologic therapy. Less serious burns may benefit from thorough cleaning, an application of antibiotic ointments, and regular check-ups to prevent infection.

Don’t wait to seek treatment for a traumatic injury. Schedule an appointment at Wound Care Associates by calling the office or booking online today.